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For U.S. high schools, increasing international student enrollment may serve to enhance schools’ internationalization efforts and provide a diversity of student viewpoints and experiences.  This develops the global perspectives of American students, some of whom may not have global exposure otherwise.  The U.S. itself is a diverse society and operates within a global system in which our citizens must be prepared to address economic, social, environmental, and security concerns that cut across national boundaries. The U.S. Department of Education (2012) has stressed the importance of building the global competencies of U.S. students to make them internationally competitive and to strengthen the global position of the U.S.


TAO is a full service consulting firm. This means we assist students and schools in the recruitment and enrollment process from start to finish.  We can increase and diversify your school enrollment. Our staff specializes in helping students find schools where they will be most successful.


International students attend your institution because you provide a first class educational experience. When your school chooses to partner with TAO, we provide your students the high-quality host families while empowering you to continue focusing on what you do best: educating students.


TAO has proudly located and recruited committed host families within some our partner schools’ communities, and we can do the same for your school community. Each qualified host applicant must pass a selective screening process, beginning with a thorough review of their host family application. After a host application has been approved and the host has been interviewed to ensure they can provide the student transportation to and from school, as well as, three meals a day, host applicants must undergo a thorough background check and subsequent in-person home visit from our local representative. By holding our hosts to a higher standard and mandating that each applicant pass a number of assessments, we are able to ensure that our hosts are suited to welcome your international students into their home.   We can set this up specifically for your school at no cost to you. Our staff will manage the program with your support under your school guidelines.  Best of all,  our program will be available for any international students attending your school.  For more information on becoming a partner school, please contact us


Tao requires that all of our international students under the age of 18 sign a guardianship agreement with us for the duration of their enrollment, or until they turn 18, whichever comes first.  We oversee all aspects of the student’s welfare while studying at your school.  We are committed to work with our host families to ensure that our students will have everything they need to succeed in our program and in your school.


Pre Screening 
Facilitating / Expediting
  • TAO is a full service consulting firm. This means we assist students and schools in the recruitment and enrollment process from start to finish.

  • We assess a family’s affordability for private American high schools.

  • We help students fulfill all requirements for a student  visa.

  • TAO's staff will be able to facilitate the student at every stage of the application process.

  • Our specialization in China allows us to more quickly and efficiently enroll students.  We prepare them for education in the United States, helping to effectively lower your recruiting costs.

AT your service
  • We faithfully represent our member schools in China, eliminating travel expenses your institution would incur traveling to China.

  • We will provide you with the ability to recruit qualified international students quickly and efficiently.  This will lower your overall risk and cost.

  • We have offices in China as well as the United States to be more accessible to our students and  American schools.

  • We hold educational seminars in China to effectively market your school on a regular basis.

  • We communicate with student's families directly in China without a middle agent. 

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