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Prospective Student

If you are a prospective international student who needs assistance with an admission to American school, we are here to help you with every stage of the process.  Tao specializes in helping 7th -12th grade international students applying for private high schools in the U.S. 



  • Complete admission services to quality private high schools as well as colleges, and universities 

  • Excellent Assurance Program for international high school students

  • Guardianship programs for international high school students

  • Information on school curriculum, courses, colleges and universities

  • Visa counseling & documentation 

  • First class American host families ​



  • To ensure that students coming from all over the world seeking to study in America receive guaranteed access to educational institutions that are reputable, credible, accessible, affordable, trustworthy and able to provide quality educational programs and services.            

  • To provide students and their families with current and visa advisory services that will allow the student the highest chance of obtaining visa approval to enter to the U.S.                            

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