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Tao Group International is a cultural immersion consulting company that specializes in working with secondary schools to successfully enroll and educate international students.   Among our services, we focus on meeting the educational needs of high school students from China. As we work directly with the Chinese family, we have the scheduling flexibility and time necessary to give them the support they require. In other words, we work as the liaison between the student, the school and the host family.  At Tao Group International, our goal is to exceed the expectations of the student and the school as well as facilitate the entire process.


We at Tao Group International are led by our commitment to quality, personalized attention, superior service, teamwork, integrity and a strive for excellence.  These values are at the core of everything we do to help our partner schools recruit the best possible qualified students in China.  We also provide services for international high school graduates to apply for colleges and universities in the United States.   Although our students are mainly from China, we have representatives in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia and Hong Kong as well. 


Host families play an integral role in helping international students to have a successful experience. Through TAO's host family program, international students experience many important cultural and family customs that are impossible to learn in the classroom.  Our staff has the expertise to set up a first class host family program for your school at no cost to you.   Our goal is that every international student can experience American culture and hospitality. This host family program will also be available to any international students enrolled at your school. Please contact us for more information. 

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