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What to Expect.


The home must be clean and comfortable - bathrooms and kitchens to be cleanly presented.

Students must be given a key to your home on arrival, so they are able to gain access to your home. Please demonstrate how to use the key and/or alarm system.


The Host family is to provide 7 continental breakfasts and, 7 evening meals each week and lunch on the weekend if the student is home. If you are not home in the evening please leave the evening meal for the student to reheat.
Some hosts prefer to do all the laundry for their student, including washing the bed linens weekly. Other hosts prefer that student to do his or her own personal laundry in the washing machine provided within the home. Please provide laundry detergent and show the student how to use the appliances. You are not to charge the student for use of the laundry facilities or washing detergents.
Some students can speak fluent English.  Some International students can speak some level of English, but as this is usually their first prolonged contact with native English speakers, they may have some initial difficultly. Therefore it is necessary to speak in a slow, clear and concise manner, using short sentences. Writing can be much easier than listening for the student. Having a dictionary on hand is also useful, or using a language translation app from your smart phone or tablet device.
Discussion or sharing of religious practices should be handled with respect for differences. Many host families may regularly attend a worship service and like to invite the student to join them. International students often appreciate this experience from a cultural perspective since the form of worship is often quite different from what they are accustomed to.

Many hosts initially envision a cultural exchange that is exciting and informative. Although this is usually the case, hosts and students can also experience clashes in culture or lifestyle. These may be due to large or small differences, or merely different styles of communication.  International students may experience many new and often difficult adjustments as they study and live in a new culture. These adjustments require time, patience, endurance, and often the ability to relax and laugh at one's mistakes. Our Host Family Coordinator and other staff will be available 24/7 for resolving any issues. 

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