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Who can host?  


Any family who has the desire to contribute, nurture and enhance an international student's learning and cultural experience.  A successful host family will need to meet the following requirements and have the following characteristics:


  • Pass a background check, home inspection and in-person interview
  • A climate controlled house or an aparment with a free bedroom with a bed, desk, chair & lamp

  • Our international student may not share a bed.  Our international student may share a room, but only with a host sibling of the same gender who is within three years of the student's age
  • Bed linen, sheets, quilt cover and bath towel are to be provided
  • A broadband  internet connection (students will be expected to provide their own computer)
  • Your family needs to consist of at least one parent and one of your children who has to be younger than 16 years

  • Transportation to and from school (if school bus is not available) and activities as necessary
  • Access to bathroom, with reasonable time allowed for showers: 15 minutes
  • Access to kitchen and laundry facilities and use of shared living areas of home
  • Nurturing and open minded 
  • English is the primary speaking language 
  • Include the student on family outings and activities (student will bring his/her own spending money)
  • Enjoy meeting and helping people

  • Representative of an American family

  • Interested in other cultures

  • Welcome a student as a family member into our home

  • Treat the student the way we would like to have our own children or family members treated if in another country

  • Entire family agrees to host 

  • Able to provide at least two healthy, varied meals a day and are willing to accommodate preferences to some degree

  • Believes hosting a student is not purely monetary



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